Spy Emergency


Get rid of virus, spyware and Trojans


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If you are usually surfing the Internet or if you access it sometimes you are in danger. You need to be protected to go there and browse websites with no problems. I mean if you are not protected you may be infected wth virus, spyware and many more kinds of malware.

That's the reaosn why a program like Spy Emergency can be really useful to stay safe when surfing the Internet. It will keep safe our privacy and that means you can take it easy. It will be our shield when going out there.

Spyware, keyloggers, adware, trojans, virus, SPAM, cookies, dialers,... all of them will be under the look f Spy Emergency.

Choose the type of analysis: basic, medium or full scan. If something suspicious is found you'll decide whether to keep it on quarantine or delete it. You can filter e-mails with SPAM detector, scan for viruses, enable live protection, etc. Spy Emergency will protect you and your compute when browsing the Internet.
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